What is Casein?

Does it occur to you that you sometimes read about different varieties of protein powder and you still feel confused? Don’t be surprised that you are not alone. One type of protein powder that appears to be more popular is the Casein protein powder. Casein is a protein derived from milk of many species most notable is the casein from bovine or cow milk. This is the insoluble portion of the milk while the soluble portion is referred to as whey. By standard, milk contains approximately 80% of casein which comes in many different flavours. Casein is a slow digesting dairy protein which releases amino acid slowly and it is been taken to help reduce muscle breakdown and help cells to synthesize protein among other benefits which aregreater muscle retention, essential fat loss and improved quality of protein intake. But then Casein including other protein shakes has an ideal time for which they can be taken to produce the most desired result.

First thing in the Morning

Most times, our agitations and appetite to eat early in the morning varies from one person to another. For me, I am not a fan of cooking or eating especially when it has to be very early in the morning. However, one of the most common practices amongst body builders is cooking of eggs dishes for breakfast. Some other peculiarity is the omelette, scramble eggs, poached eggs and boiled eggs. These protein meals are high in protein and surely make an ideal high protein breakfast. But then if what you need is something faster or easier to prepare you may try the protein powder first thing in the morning. It offers a fast and delicious source of protein for breakfast.

After workout – Whey over Casein

Undisputedly, one of the most important time for protein intake, is after workout. A workout stimulates muscle protein synthesis and subsequently results to muscle breakdown. This is when we need protein to avoid the muscle exceeding the breakdown. Since most meals after a workout is being consumed 2 hours later, you may use the protein shakes as soon as your workout ends. In this case, Whey is preferred over Casein since whey will digest much quicker and give your body the protein it needs! Meanwhile if you are very busy and you find yourself to have a very tight schedule and will not be able to prepare or eat a solid food at any point during the day, or maybe you prefer the convenience of a liquid meal, then taking the protein shake will be a great substitute.

Before bed

This is the most important time to take Casein as a protein shake. This is because Casein protein turns into a gel-like substance when it enters the stomach. And when this happens, it causes reduction in digestion and absorption rate thereby resulting in a slow and steady release of muscle building amino acids into the bloodstream. Therefore, it can only be smart if the next time you go for shopping you consider having a Casein variety on your list. Notably, Casein may not be the best protein to be taken immediately after workout (because it digests slower), but Casein can be a great boost to your source of protein essentials as an addition to your whole food sources.